September, 2013

Theater 2 at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute Re-Opens on Schedule

AthenianRazak is proud of our continued role as the Owner’s Representative for the Bryn Mawr Film Institute (BMFI).  As we mentioned in an earlier post, BMFI hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for their final phase of construction in mid-March.  We are excited that all of the work of this final phase is on track for completion and that Theatre 2, which has been closed since July, re-opened on September 13th, following an aggressive schedule, which required several contractors to work around the clock.  You can read more about the re-opening here. Now that Theater 2 has re-opened, BMFI will close Theater 1 to focus on its renovations.  The entire project remains on schedule despite record rainfall to the Philadelphia area that had the potential to slow the construction of the new addition.

As the Owner’s Rep, we are overseeing a dozen specialty consultants with vast experience, working together to ensure that every detail of the new addition and renovation will enhance the visitor experience at the four beautiful state-of the-art theaters.  The project is scheduled for full completion in February 2014.


Celebrating the Last Leg of a Long Journey

When we serve as Development Manager for an institutional development project, often one of our main responsibilities is supporting fundraising and financing efforts, as well as managing cash flow with these factors in mind. This was the case when we were brought on to manage the development of Lenfest Hall at the Curtis Institute of Music. Our team prepared and administered a $15 million Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RACP) grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These grants typically support the acquisition and construction of various types of regional projects. The grants don’t directly pay for project costs; they only reimburse bills already paid. So accurate, timely recordkeeping and organization is critical to smooth the flow of funds and to keep the cost of gap financing to a minimum. This requires diligent tracking, reporting, and piles of paperwork to ensure that all project funds that were originally promised can be secured.

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