December, 2015

Montgomery County Moves Forward with “100 Year” Plan

On Thursday, the AthenianRazak team presented the findings of our strategic real estate plan for the County of Montgomery’s Norristown Campus. We were charged with creating a plan that addressed the significant physical deficiencies of the buildings and shaped the County’s investment to support important goals for Campus within the broader Montgomery County community. Specifically, we were asked to “plan for 100 years” and recognize the generational investment contemplated in a plan of this magnitude. Continue reading “Montgomery County Moves Forward with “100 Year” Plan” »

The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) recently released their 2015-16 top trends in the real estate industry. This well-regarded list comes out each year, predicting trends for the following year. This year’s list includes a few items that have always been of particular interest to our team including urbanization and demographic shifts. Continue reading “The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate” »