Jan 23


76ers Practice Facility Touted as One of 50 Top Regional Transformations for 2015

Check out the Philadelphia Business Journal’s new list of 50 things that will change Philadelphia in 2015 and you’ll find the 76ers new practice facility at the top spot (Woohoo!).

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Dec 16


AthenianRazak Hired as Facility Manager for Consortium for Building Energy Innovation at The Navy Yard

AthenianRazak has been selected to partner with Penn State to develop and test replicable energy-efficient commercial building solutions in its new Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) headquarters and the accompanying classroom building.

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Dec 08


AthenianRazak Oversees Renovations at Sixers PCOM Practice Center

While busily at work as Development Manager for the Sixers new state-of-the-art training center in Camden, AthenianRazak has also been making the team’s current facilities a little bit better.

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Nov 11


CRE Consulting Corps Recognized with Chairman’s Award

To say the Consulting Corps Team has given us much to consider and evaluate for the future would be a gross understatement. They asked the tough questions, interviewed more than 50 people, and worked very long hours. Words like ‘creative, innovative, on-target, and tremendously detailed’ were common descriptors of the team and their work.”  That’s what W. Michael Couch, Executive Director of the Central State Hospital Local Redevelopment Authority had to say after his organization’s participation in a Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) Consulting Corps assignment this year.

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Nov 07


Is Camden on the Cusp of Revival? Absolutely.

Violence. Poverty. Blight. These have long been the most common terms used to talk about Camden. But you’ll hear something different today. Words like revitalization, opportunity and investment. Heck, you’ll even hear talk of revival.

A recent article in Philadelphia magazine talks about this revival. From a pop-up park on the lawn at City Hall to a decrease in violence, from the 76ers training facility to the first new super market in decades, from demolishing blighted properties to building new houses downtown. And those are just some of the top-level highlights.

I’m proud of our small part in this renaissance with our role as Development Manager for the 76ers training facility. This state-of-the-art new facility will bring at least 250 jobs to the waterfront and is a key piece of the puzzle for this new era for Camden.

Some might say that the Sixers are due for a comeback. Well, we think the same is true for Camden and what better time than right now.

Christopher Strom is Director of Project Development. 

Nov 06


AthenianRazak Team Leads ULI Session on Where Big Data Meets Real Estate

We’re back at it again, sharing our data center insight with the world – or at least at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting. A few weeks ago, Alan Razak and Chris Strom led a panel session, “Data Centers: Big Data Meets Real Estate,” giving lucky participants an overview of the growing trend of the intersection of technology and real estate.

Our two real estate technology experts provided an overview of the data center industry – sharing their insight on the most complex and sophisticated buildings being constructed today. They reviewed the market forces that have led to the explosive growth and capacity of data centers and IT infrastructure, while also giving an overview of the various business models for different end users and why these are changing so rapidly. The session also explored resiliency and recovery, two critical elements of data center planning.

Read more here on our data center services and how we can help you with planning.

Sep 23


Chris Strom Talks About Growth in Philly’s Real Estate Sector

Chris Strom, Director of Project Development, recently talked about trends in Philadelphia’s real estate sector and AthenianRazak’s continued growth for the Market News International Reality Check series.

He attributed the broad-based growth to the city’s changing demographics from being a traditionally blue-collar town to a place where jobs in technology and other fields are demanding a more educated work force.

You can read the full article here.

Sep 23


It Takes a Family to Create Energy Efficiency

We don’t just give lip service to the core values that matter to us, we are proud that our whole team subscribes to these principles including our commitment to sustainable development and energy efficiency.

And this culture doesn’t stop at our team members – it extends to their families too!

That’s why we’re extremely proud to congratulate Sheldon Strom – the father of our very own Chris Strom – on his recent award from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy as a Champion of Energy Efficiency. How cool is that? This means that Sheldon is kind of like an energy super hero – tackling the bad guys of wasted energy consumption one at a time.

Sheldon founded the Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE), based in Minneapolis, MN, leading its many successful endeavors over the past 35 years including its contributions to the Next Generation Energy Act and the very practical (of course) “Minnesota Way” for implementing energy efficiency programs and policies. Under Sheldon’s guidance, CEE has served more than 70,000 homes and businesses with energy efficiency programs.

What drives Sheldon to continue to tackle energy efficiency? The principle that everyone benefits from smart energy policies. We couldn’t agree more.

Kudos from the AthenianRazak family for your great work.

Aug 01


Linda Galante is the Most Influential Lawyer in Philadelphia’s Real Estate Scene

Congrats to AthenianRazak partner, Linda Galante on being chosen as one of the most influential lawyers in Philadelphia as part of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2014 Heavy Hitters of Real Estate award.

As the PBJ puts it:

“For more than three decades, Galante, a partner at Stradley Ronon, has been intimately involved in some of the most significant and influential real estate transactions in the area. Her work has touched nearly every facet of the Philadelphia real estate market‚ from Center City high-rises to suburban shopping centers, the Please Touch Museum to the Navy Yard, health-care facilities and universities.”
We’ve had the opportunity to witness Linda’s work first-hand, working together on the Bryn Mawr Film Institute and on many other projects over the years, including Linda’s sage wisdom and guidance as a partner at AthenianRazak.

Way to go Linda…we’re sure the best is yet to come!

Jul 22


Jackie Buhn Speaks at Society of College and University Planning Annual International Conference

Jackie Buhn, our Principal & CEO, recently attended the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) Conference in Pittsburgh, PA to talk about her work on a consulting project for New Mexico State University (NMSU) for the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE).

The SCUP International Conference is held annually, bringing together the industry’s leaders to share best practices about integrated planning for higher education.

Jackie joined Jon Willis, Principal of Global Property Strategies and a fellow CRE member, along with Greg Walke, Campus Planning Officer for NMSU to talk about the work they did together to assist NMSU in creating an attainable vision for the use and management of its real estate, along with the action steps needed to realize that vision.

The panel discussed the CRE study, which provided guidance to NMSU in the use of its land holdings to supplement its academic, civic and economic mandates, concluding with a strategy to begin implementing the study recommendations.

As part of their process, the team conducted a 1-week visit that included site tours; data collection and analysis; stakeholders meetings; and internal discussions and presentations. At the end of the process, the team presented NMSU with strategic recommendations that had both real estate and other considerations such as:

  1. Reinforce and update the master plan
  2. Create gateways and  a consistent university identity through real estate
  3. Engage with city of Las Cruces
  4. Create student-oriented retail and entertainment
  5. Create private sector student housing

This plan caused a shift in attitude on the role of real estate for NMSU, which has made the university examine how it uses its real estate assets to further the university’s goals, how it can plan proactively for its real estate instead of reacting to buyers or donors, and how they can create a more walkable environment that considers mixed-use development, street frontage and campus branding.