Confidential Financial Services Company Greater Philadelphia, PA

This client’s critical data center infrastructure included both owned and leased facilities, some of which were nearing renewal points, end-of-life, or both. Life cycle, virtualization and densification issues were key considerations, as were paralleling and synchronous processing requirements vs. circuit distances. Working with client’s internal finance, IT and facilities resources, and external design, construction, and IT consultants, AthenianRazak led the process of comprehensively analyzing multiple complex options, including permutations of new build, purchase, lease, co-location, and adaptive reuse of existing facilities. These analyses needed to account not just for life-cycle cost but also other critical drivers, including risk, flexibility, and control. The client initiated this process assuming that major new builds or renovations would be required in one or more facilities. We challenged that assumption, encouraging both the IT and real estate members of the team to rethink the previously accepted basis for calculating growth, power, and space use.

This simple shift in point of view resulted in significant long-term savings. In the end, the solution consisted in large part of IT-centric solutions that would be a natural result of changing technologies and that could be implemented incrementally—instead of the proposed (expensive and disruptive) construction of new facilities.