Confidential Financial Services Company Suburban Philadelphia

Rapid growth and technology changes caused this financial services company to outgrow its data, print and mail processing operations facility years ahead of plan. AthenianRazak’s predecessor company was hired to supervise from conception through construction the facility’s expansion and long-term renovations, a complex challenge since throughout the renovation and expansion, the facility had to continue to provide uninterrupted service. We developed an exclusive set of tools to provide for enhanced communication among all project participants, giving the owner unprecedented information on procedures being performed on critical systems in the center.

Our work included acquiring the site, assembling the project team and coordinating the efforts of all members such as architects, engineers, contractors, consultants and attorneys, the design and coordination of an extensive risk assessment study for the facility, and securing of governmental approvals. During construction, we provided executive management of all team members, evaluating and processing all project-related invoices and monitoring and controlling the project budget.

The construction sequence began with the complete demolition of an adjacent 130,000 SF flex office building which was removed to the base slab and then slab/foundations removed in coordination with the new building footprint and site development. The existing site conditions required sanitary main relocation, new retainage structures and extensive utility reconstruction. A central attribute of the electrical distribution design is the capability to provide maintenance to all distribution segments while maintaining redundantly backed up operations. This redundancy extended to the primary utility feeds: new services to the building included dual, diversely routed power, water and telecom utilities. To provide the second leg of the diverse power supply, we negotiated the delivery of a new dedicated high-tension electric service with the local utility. Emergency power generating capacity is five megawatts with expansion capability to 7.5 megawatts.

The project transformed the original 124,000 square foot Tier I -level center into a 310,000 square foot Tier III/IV data processing and print/mail operations center, including over 50,000 square feet of raised floor and 120,000 square feet of paper processing area. Despite the enormous complexity and demanding schedule, the project was completed not only without downtime but also $4 million under budget.