Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex and Corporate Headquarters


AthenianRazak was the Development Manager for the Philadelphia 76ers new state-of-the-art Training Complex and Corporate Headquarters, along the Camden Waterfront in New Jersey. Involved in the project from inception, AthenianRazak was responsible for identifying the extraordinary opportunity presented by the Grow NJ tax credit program and spearheaded the process of locating the project in Camden.

Beyond securing tax credits, as the Development Manager AthenianRazak led the rest of the real estate development process: assembling the design professionals, contractors and other team members required to execute a complex project like the Training Center, obtaining required approvals and permits, helping arrange the balance of financing for the project and managing cash flow during development, overseeing the management of the construction process, and helping the Sixers prepare the facility for efficient operation. The Training Complex opened in September 2016, in time for the 2017 season, and the office building opened in February 2017.