Jefferson University Physicians, Refinishing over 200,000sf of Occupied Clinical Space, Philadelphia

Jefferson University Physicians leases over 200,000 sf of clinical office space at 833 Chestnut.  When its initial 10-year lease rolled, it had the option of relocating or staying in place. Working with the building owner, AthenianRazak structured a renewal for the tenant that included refreshing finishes, primarily paint and carpet, on a rolling basis as portions of the lease rolled.  We then worked with each individual tenant and their architects to specify and price improvements, and to complete them without impacting the ongoing operations of each tenant.  This included carefully phasing things like carpet installation over weekends, including furniture removal and re-installation, or the painting of exam rooms overnight, removing and reinstalling all furniture and wall mounted equipment. Despite the challenges, AthenianRazak was able to provide extremely effective management, and received many compliments from satisfied tenants.