Is Camden on the Cusp of Revival? Absolutely.

Violence. Poverty. Blight. These have long been the most common terms used to talk about Camden. But you’ll hear something different today. Words like revitalization, opportunity and investment. Heck, you’ll even hear talk of revival.

A recent article in Philadelphia magazine talks about this revival. From a pop-up park on the lawn at City Hall to a decrease in violence, from the 76ers training facility to the first new super market in decades, from demolishing blighted properties to building new houses downtown. And those are just some of the top-level highlights.

I’m proud of our small part in this renaissance with our role as Development Manager for the 76ers training facility. This state-of-the-art new facility will bring at least 250 jobs to the waterfront and is a key piece of the puzzle for this new era for Camden.

Some might say that the Sixers are due for a comeback. Well, we think the same is true for Camden and what better time than right now.

Christopher Strom is Director of Project Development.