The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

The Counselors’ 2015-16 list of The Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate was announced June 24.The list is developed annually by CRE members who serve on the External Affairs Committee.

The CRE 2015-16 Top Ten issues Affecting Real Estate includes:

1. Demographic Shifts: Two key groups – large numbers of retiring “Baby Boomers” (born between 1946 –1964), and the next large population wave, the Millennials (born between 1980 – 2000) – will have the greatest impact on real estate through the lifestyles they choose in coming years. (read more)

2. Excess Capital Supply:  Funds continue to flow from outside the U.S. to purchase U.S. real estate. (read more)

3. Rising Interest Rates: Interest rates have been at near-historic lows – and the general view is that they will stay that way, for a while longer. (read more)

4. Global Instability and Currency Devaluation:  The U.S. dollar remains strong – but the global economy is being affected by currency devaluation in many other countries. (read more)

5. Urbanization:  Urban population growth is a global phenomenon.  (read more)

6. Energy:  Oil price drops this year due to increases in non-U.S. oil production have negatively impacted large and small U.S. producers. (read more)

7. The Gap between Rich and Poor:  Because income inequality is widening worldwide, this issue deserves a close look relative to real estate. (read more)

8. Infrastructure:  The condition and development of U.S. infrastructure lags behind that of a number of other countries. (read more)

9. Real Estate Technology and Crowdfunding:  Real estate is one of the most dynamic sectors for technology innovation, positioning the real estate industry for disruption. (read more)

10. The Changing Retail Model: The retail sector faces continued challenges. (read more)

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