Jackie Buhn Lends Her Expertise in CRE Consulting Corps Engagement at New Mexico State University

In July 2013, AthenianRazak’s Principal & CEO, Jackie Buhn, a longtime member of the Counselors of Real Estate and their Consulting Corps group, served as the group leader of a team of experts for an engagement in New Mexico. Together the team offered their expertise on effective management of New Mexico State University’s (NMSU) extensive land holdings. NMSU owns numerous parcels of land within the University boundaries, in or near the city of Las Cruces, and throughout the state. NMSU has sufficient land within the core of its Las Cruces campus to accommodate expansion requirements for many years.

The team specifically examined the land holdings in the immediate vicinity of its main campus in Las Cruces, with the goal of showing NMSU how to monetize its holdings into successive annual cash streams that will help promote its academic, civic and economic missions.

The group engaged in a five-day process of document review, on-site interviews, and meetings with the University’s leadership. A principal recommendation that emerged was that NMSU be proactive rather than responsive in maximizing the value of its land, both for program use and in monetizing land to support programs. The heart of the team’s report included observations and sometimes aspirational recommendations for each of the four property groups that comprise the University’s main campus and surrounding properties. The study provided guidance to NMSU in the use of its land holdings to supplement its academic, civic and economic mandates, concluding with a strategy to begin implementing the study recommendations.

Other members of the Consulting Corps team included Michael Dinn, CRE, Dinn Focused Marketing, Wilder, KY; Cassandra Francis, CRE, KARIATID, Chicago; Mark Troen, CRE, The Winnmark Group, Warwick, NY; and Jon Willis, CRE, Global Property Strategies, Issaquah, WA.