Welcome Neighbors – Liberty Property Trust to Announce Development Complex on Camden Waterfront

Rendering shows a view from Philadelphia of a proposed Liberty Property Trust mixed-use development on the Camden waterfront. (Volley for Robert A.M. Stern Architects)

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Liberty Property Trust today announced plans to build a “complex of offices, apartments, retail stores, and a hotel on a stretch of Camden’s waterfront…”The article goes on to state, “The project will include 1.5 million square feet of office space and more than 200 residential units…”

We’re happy to welcome Liberty Property Trust to the ‘hood. The more companies that come to understand the value of Camden, the stronger that city and the Philadelphia region as a whole will become.

Our redevelopment of the Ruby Match Factory at 300 North Delaware Ave will be Camden’s first loft office space, preceding any of the other new developments. There’s space available, so if you’re also interested in all that Camden has to offer, drop us a line.

It is an exciting time for Camden – this is just another demonstration of how the waterfront is rebuilding as a rich urban center. Thousands of new jobs are moving here, with even more as part of today’s announcement, capitalizing on the natural advantages of the location and vibrant community.

All the elements are here. You should be here too. If you want to understand why Camden is changing so powerfully, give us a call!