350 Cermak, Chicago

The owner of 350 Cermak, Digital Realty Trust, with multiple customers ready to occupy, needed five data centers constructed in the historic Donnelly Building in five months. The data centers would encompass more than 50,000 square feet of raised floor, with a total of 100,000 sf including support space. Equipment was pre-ordered, design was in progress, and construction had commenced. Digital turned to AthenianRazak to handle this large and very visible project. The team lowered the budget by 10%, coordinated two general contractors working from four sets of drawings being completed in phases, and kept the job on track while negotiating contracts. The team surmounted many difficulties, including customer-necessitated changes, equipment delivery delays, and damage to equipment from adjacent work by others.

The job was completed on time and 8% under the more aggressive budget, with the first customer occupying the building immediately.