The Library Company of Philadelphia, Real Estate Analysis, 53,000 sf Private Independent Historic Library

AthenianRazak provided The Library Company of Philadelphia with a clear a strategy for solving its expansion needs including a significant upside if potential alignments with other institutions are realized.

The Library Company had the foresight to acquire a number of adjacent properties in the last decade, but the complexity of determining the most beneficial use of the properties in support of the Library’s mission was stymying.  At the same time, a number of sister Philadelphia institutions were in different degrees of flux. AthenianRazak clarified the relative values of different land use options, including ones resulting in a net financial gain, and identified steps to explore them. It identified the Library’s strong negotiating position, ensuring that it could achieve a net benefit from any alignment. Potential alignments with one or more sister institutions could be beneficial not only to the institutions in question but to the City of Philadelphia and its historic attractions – a true upside for all.