Urban Land Institute (ULI), Global Course Design & Delivery

Development of original course content and delivery to professionals across the globe.

AthenianRazak principal Alan Razak has developed and taught courses in development, finance and construction management for the Urban Land Institute (ULI) for over 20 years. His courses are based on an approach to development management honed over decades of professional practice. Unique in the industry, ULI’s Professional Development programs are led by seasoned practitioners rather than academics, and approach real estate subjects such as construction from the owner’s point of view.

Alan’s classes include multi-day workshops on the entire real estate development process and understanding the role of developer, as well as on more specific topics such as design and construction fundamentals, construction contracting and management, understanding construction drawings, real estate finance, high-technology real estate and skillsets required for success as a developer. Courses are designed for participants across the spectrum of disciplines in the real estate industry, reflecting ULI’s diverse range of membership. Developers, financiers, public officials, professional services providers, contractors, new entrants to seasoned professionals have all attended, all seeking to expand their knowledge base or refresh their skillset.

Alan has taught these classes across the US and globally, and has become a valuable resource for organizations seeking to improve their design and construction process