Data Center Consulting, Construction, & Management

data center consultants

AthenianRazak understands the fast-paced and technical work of planning, building, and managing data centers: we create uptime.

AthenianRazak understands mission critical and produces results. We know the bottlenecks and plan around them. We have experience building and operating multiple data centers for multiple clients, so we know what is required to complete each job in the most efficient way with the least risk. From master-planning electric and pre-ordering equipment to successful commissioning and scheduled maintenance, AthenianRazak has a grasp on the big picture in data centers. We understand the critical nature of operation as well as construction: our staff members create MOPS (Methods of Procedure Statements) for all data center work, with detailed approvals and confirmed schedules. We are meticulous about data center planning and coordination; our efforts result in more uptime.