It Takes a Family to Create Energy Efficiency

We don’t just give lip service to the core values that matter to us, we are proud that our whole team subscribes to these principles including our commitment to sustainable development and energy efficiency.

And this culture doesn’t stop at our team members – it extends to their families too!

That’s why we’re extremely proud to congratulate Sheldon Strom – the father of our very own Chris Strom – on his recent award from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy as a Champion of Energy Efficiency. How cool is that? This means that Sheldon is kind of like an energy super hero – tackling the bad guys of wasted energy consumption one at a time.

Sheldon founded the Center for Energy and the Environment (CEE), based in Minneapolis, MN, leading its many successful endeavors over the past 35 years including its contributions to the Next Generation Energy Act and the very practical (of course) “Minnesota Way” for implementing energy efficiency programs and policies. Under Sheldon’s guidance, CEE has served more than 70,000 homes and businesses with energy efficiency programs.

What drives Sheldon to continue to tackle energy efficiency? The principle that everyone benefits from smart energy policies. We couldn’t agree more.

Kudos from the AthenianRazak family for your great work.