Team AthenianRazak Shows Off Our Development Management Game

If you live in the Philadelphia region (and don’t live under a rock), you’ve probably heard that the Philadelphia 76ers are building a new state-of-the-art Training Center along the Camden Waterfront in New Jersey. Included in the Sixers announcement was the news that AthenianRazak has been named as the Development Manager for the new facility. We’ve actually been working quietly in that role with the Sixers for months, assembling a crackerjack team of designers and construction experts, working first on a Philadelphia-based site, and then playing a key role in identifying, evaluating and negotiating the Camden Waterfront location and tax credits package after the Grow NJ legislation was passed last Fall.

Initial plans for the Philadelphia project contemplated an innovative but modest facility, but the support provided by the New Jersey program has allowed the Sixers to reach for a much higher standard. The center’s size and scope will be unmatched in the NBA, with practice courts, locker rooms, weight and exercise rooms, team medical facilities, audiovisual processing and theater areas as well as office space for the Sixers basketball operations and coaching staffs. The Sixers will also move their corporate offices to a new building adjacent to the Training Center. In total, the Sixers will bring at least 250 jobs to the Camden waterfront when the project, approximately 120,000 square feet, is complete. We are scheduled to break ground in October, with completion targeted for 2016.

Our expert team at AthenianRazak has worked in close partnership with the Sixers to secure financing sources, including the $83 million incentive package from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, paving the way for the Sixers to build the largest and most advanced facility in the league.

As an AthenianRazak insider, you’ll find the latest and greatest on our work on the Training Center here, so you might want to think about getting season tickets to our blog.